Based on our proprietary technology and software we deliver scalable and reliable location based solutions that help people to stay safe every day, during emergencies and disasters. Our open interface allows people to easily configure their mobile phones and smart devices to enhance their safety.

Our partners include Airtel, 899 Axiata, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Dialogic, Microsoft and National Mission for Empowerment of Women (Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India).


We invented and operate what is today the world’s first and largest privately managed personal emergency and safety alerting lifeline.

In India 55100 EmergencyAlerts™ is the trusted 24x7 nationwide lifeline to family and friends. Toll free 55100 is an alternative to calling emergency services.

In Sri Lanka toll free 899 EmergencyAlerts™ has been serving hundreds of thousands of people since 2011.

During natural disasters, such as floods, landslides and cyclones as well as bomb explosions, terrorist attacks and other personal emergencies we have helped hundreds of thousands of people to stay safe and saved lives. We have also helped people reassure their worried families and others to locate their ‘lost’ family members, friends and employees.

Over 400,000 person hours have gone into researching and developing our proprietary core technology and software. Afterwards thousands of hours have gone into stress tests and live field trials in various environments including Alcatel, Ericsson, Huawei, Lucent, Nokia, Nortel and Siemens telecom platforms in live operator networks.


Companies that care about their employees’ safety create emotional commitment. This drives employee engagement and makes them passionate about their jobs.

Sir Richard Branson says “Happy employees equal happy customers”.

EmergencyAlerts™ Enterprise Edition is the most complete employee safety solution. Ever. And the most cost effective perk that an employer can provide.

Our in-house research lab is focused on sensor and smart device technology and their applications, particularly in personal safety and healthcare.