Science and Technology are also converging. Dividing lines are rapidly fading. Everything is interconnected with everything else and the interconnects are becoming increasingly stronger through media, the internet and mobile devices. These are the cornerstones of our smarter planet, cities, communities, homes and eventually people.

As a company, we are committed to the continuous research and development of™ technologies (whatever next might be), with the hope that the world we live in will be a better place tomorrow because of the work we do today.

We began our incredible journey ten years ago in the United States of America. A strategic partnership with one of the world’s leading R&D companies in the telecom space helped to clarify our vision.

We quickly moved on from core networks, call routing, signaling protocols, rapid messaging and location detection technologies to add expertise in advanced server and network clusters, extreme virtualization, cloud technologies and smart devices in a high availability, massively scalable, fully redundant, multi-lingual, multi-modal and multi-regional environment.

Our mission is to provide solutions that enhance lifestyles and save lives by enabling more effective communications between families, friends, special interest and research groups, colleagues, employers and employees, businesses and their customers.

Along the way, we’ve received the appreciation, encouragement and often selfless support of countless people in India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and United States.

We humbly acknowledge each one of you and remain indebted for your contribution to our achievements.


This company and our technology are dedicated to the everlasting memory of the late Mrs. Swarana Mahajan and late Ms. Anuradha Mahajan, whose passing has become the force that drives our passion to carry on and the values with which we conduct our business.